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New collector information

Started by Bob Miksztal R-8909, Apr 02, 2024, 04:53 PM

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Bob Miksztal R-8909

If you haven't seen in Doug Smith's post here, we have launched a new page on the club web site aimed at newer collectors:

Please look at it and if you have any specific items that you think should be added, reply here.

- Bob

Joseph Yak

Thanks-- as a 'newbie' it can be a little bit of a maze or a firehose of info and this helps.  I've just applied and paid dues over the weekend and am awaiting my member number now.  One suggestion that I have:  On the "New Membership" page ( ), include a line that says something like "see the benefits of Membership HERE" and link back to the membership page at  I can't retrace my steps to tell you how, but I ended up directly on the New Membership page and signed up without knowing exactly what the full benefits were as listed on the Membership page because whatever route landed me on the New Member page left me under the impression that the full list shown on the Member page just didn't exist. I just found the "Membership" page from your post here. In hindsight (after seeing the "membership" page), moving up a level on the site from "New Membership" to the Membership page would've given me the info that I would have liked to see. If I weren't a bit of a gambler I may not have signed up without seeing the list of benefits.

Bob Miksztal R-8909

Hey Joseph, thanks for being a gambler! I appreciate your feedback, I get what you are saying about the flow of the web page. We will look at it and see what can be done to make the flow (and link to Member Benefits) clearer.

Can I ask: how did you hear about the club?